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Monday to Friday, 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Closing Days

Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, New Year Holidays, and the beginning and end of the academic year. The library is also closed during the entrance examination.

Eligibility for use of library

Persons affiliated with University of Tokyo

Faculty members, university personnel and graduate students & undergraduate students.

Persons from outside University of Tokyo

Those who are engaged in North American and / or Pacific area studies who are acknowledged to be appropriate users of the library by a lecturer of this center.

Requirements for admission to library

Persons affiliated with University of Tokyo

Please present your UTokyo ID card.

Persons from outside University of Tokyo

Users who only wish to read and / or copy materials once or twice: Please bring your ID card with your photo on and apply for library use at the counter. Write down your name and phone number in the form and you will gain access to the library.

Users who wish to loan a material or read and/ or copy them several times: Please fill in necessary details on a CPAS Library User Application Form and bring it to the counter with your ID card with your photo on. (Students are requested to get a signature of their faculty adviser on the form.)


Eligibility: Persons bearing a UTokyo ID card or a library pass issued by the Center for Pacific and American Studies.

Materials not available for borrowing: Periodicals, reference books, and books donated by the late Professor Emeritus Yasaka Takagi and other precious materials.

Maximum number of books: 10

Length of borrowing term: 30 days (60 days for University of Tokyo full-time faculty members)

Borrowing hours: Hours for checking out books : 10:30-16:40

Intra-university delivery service



Photocopying permitted/not permitted: Permitted

Photocopying hours: Same as regular library hours

Intra-university photocopying service: Requests must be made through the Library of the College of Arts and Sciences.